At all times the objective of the NZRC is to promote a friendly atmosphere.

The New Zealand Riding Club is open to people 17 years and over who have an interest in horses. It was formed in November 1980 to promote and encourage Riding Clubs in New Zealand   There are 42 Clubs from all over New Zealand with a membership of approximately 2980 members. The Club caters for all disciplines from Eventing, jumping, dressage, side saddle, trekking, carriage driving, and orienteering.  Individual Clubs hold their own meetings, rallies, and treks as well as competitions, but there are two main Island competitions every year.  The North Island Teams Event (NITE) and the South Island Teams Event (SITE) are hosted by different clubs from any part of the two Islands.

At all times the objective of these Team Events is to promote a Safe, Fun and Friendly atmosphere centred around the team effort, encouraging confidence, riding skills and horsemanship for all.

In 1989 NZRC took over the administration of Bridleways of New Zealand Incorporated and this is now a division of NZRC.  Bridleways works very hard to maintain access for Recreational Riders in conjunction with walkers and cyclists where appropriate.  In 1991 NZRC became an Incorporated Society.

Mission Statement:  To promote, educate, support and encourage, equine enthusiasts 17 years and over to participate in equestrian activities in a friendly atmosphere and safe environment.