Bridleways……What are they?

They are safe trials for horse riding either shared or designated to specific recreational users..


Recreational riding in natural areas has long been part of the cultural and equestrian heritage in NZ.

It remains a popular source of physical and recreational enjoyment for thousands of kiwis and is here to stay.


However, riding safely on designated tracks has been lost over the years  and it is NOW up to US/YOU/ME to work with  COUNCILS and D.O.C, within your areas to establish and regain access for safe trails now and in the future.


A  recent petition created by Jan Mossman [green trails] with approx  1500 signatures  was presented to Parliament regards the loss of once horse permitted horse trials and lack of inclusion for the horse around new infrastructure. Find the Report here.

Jan was our voice then now its up to YOU to carry our concerns onward and upwards.


We must Promote Codes of Conduct and Good Strategies ie rider friendly facilities, muck bins, yards, gates, locks and latches and good signage etc.

When applying for a Bridleway to be established have these in hand to present along with costing, maintenance etc.


D.O.C  and NZ WALKING ACCESS  have listened to our cry’s  and over recent times there has been some improvement in access made available both in the South Island and North Island.

NZ Walking access are available to be approached re: unformed roads, titles etc and have funding to get legality etc..




DID YOU KNOW…..the equine industry in NZ is a significient contribution to NZ economy. The thoroughbred and harness industry alone generate more than approx $1,558.41 million in value added contribution to the NZ G.D.P.

More than 47,000 people participate in the thoroughbred  and harness industry [that is jobs, breeding, jockeys, trainers etc].

Approx one in every 83 New Zealanders are employed [paid or unpaid] by the New Zealand Racing Industry so imagine the overall number if all horse activities where included.