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1.7.2016 Constitution A4
Constitution Guideline 2016 2 Page Clean

NZRC Competition Rulebook

North Island and South Island Competition Rule Book August 2021

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August 2016 Dressage Tests and Score Sheets
August 2016 Dressage Score sheets

Riding and Road Safety

  • To Print out the Handbook so that it makes a booklet.
  • Print Page 1. This is your cover.
  • Print out pages 2,4,6,8
  • Turn paper and reinsert into the printer, ensuring that it is up the right way.
  • Print out Pages 3,5,7,9
  • Fold pages in half and insert in order.

1.7.2016 NZRC_Riding_and_Road_Safety_Handbook






  • To get the Exam Sheets marked send list Sheet Letter and with┬ánumbers and answers to
  • You will get an email with number of questions you got right.
  • These are ┬áthe Actual Tests so the answers will not be published on the website.