Noeline’s contribution to the Equestrian community is legendary. Not only is she our immediate  Past President and current   Vice President and key member of the War Horse Memorial Board but she holds the following office in our equestrian  community


  • Patron of Waikato Combined Equestrian Group and Patron
  • Vice  President of Waikato Combined Equestrian Group Inc.
  • Committee Member of NZ Riding Clubs Inc.
  • Patron of HORSE Club.

Noeline recalls that she  taught herself  to ride a horse at the age of ten years by reading a book called ‘How to Ride a Horse and as a child rode the  farm horses on the Goodalls Farm once a week, where now the  suburb of Dinsdale is built. Her very own home is built where the hay paddock used to be.    Noeline said that she purchased  her very own first horse at the  age of  18 when  she had gone to  work at the NZ Post Office as a Shorthand/Typist in the  Engineers Office. She recalls that these offices are  where the Casino is now built.  Noeline said she use to  graze  her horse on Railway land between the Railway houses in Weka Street and Swarbrick Park. 

So we can establish that Noeline has been around quite a wee while……..

Noeline said that when her daughter Paula joined  up with the   St Andrews Branch of the Hamilton Pony Club she  became an Instructor there and eventually Head Instructor for five years.

 As significantly along with other notable local equestrian personalities Noeline was a Foundation Member of the Waikato Combined Equestrian Group.  And this far thinking and passionate team set up what we know today as Waikato Equestrian Centre and Riding school on the current site of land leased from the Hamilton Council. This land was transformed from a gorse and scrub paddocks to the beautiful facility we have today.

 Over the years Noeline has had many roles with WEC including the role of being their Secretary for eight years and CEO for five years and was involved in hosting Princess Anne there in the 1990s.  Noeline  has many stories to tell of all they got up to.

 Noeline has also been involved on the original committee of the HORSE Club and was their Secretary for a good many years and she recalls that they had lots of fun joining in farm rides, forestry rides, beach rides and camps. 

Noeline has been active in NZ Dressage as a rider and a judge and is still doing unregistered judging when called on.  While Noeline no longer rides and competes  in dressage she feels her love of ballroom  dance with her partner John, has  been a great substitute passion and she and John have achieved  medals in Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue up to Silver Bar category… thus far with more to come maybe….

Most of us know that Noeline is currently recovering from hip surgery so we hope she will be back to not only beloved dancing but we hope to riding. Knowing Noeline and her determination we believe she will achieve everything she hopes for .

Along with all things Equestrian  in addition Noeline  has raised a family and has two grown up sons and one daughter (Paula) who took the photos of the War Horse March.  She has  five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Paula follows her mother’s passion for riding and all things equestrian being a well-known  local dressage rider .

Noeline has told me that of all her achievements she feels that her work for the War Horse Memorial is one that has brought her the greatest joy and sense of purpose. She even said to me that winning lotto would not bring her as much joy as the realisation of the War Horse Memorial, and the commemoration of the contribution of the warhorse as part of ANZAC celebrations in perpetuity.