I was born in Taumarunui and spent my first two years in Whakapapa Village before moving to Ohakune with my parents and younger brother. I attended Ohakune Primary School and Ruapehu College, and was a keen member of the Ohakune Pony Club.   I attained ‘B’ Certificate, and did all Pony Club activities, especially liking Show Jumping, Eventing, and Games.

I was manager of the Ohakune Games Team for the Golden Games in Waiouru in 1990 and managed teams on four later occasions, at Zone 2 Games.

On one occasion in Gisborne Jade, my mother’s horse was on loan to a Pony Club member. She was very unsettled and I said in exasperation ‘For goodness sake Jade you would think there is an elephant here’  ‘There is over there said her rider!’   This meant a hasty trip into town to buy ‘Vicks vapour rub’, and Vaseline to put around her nose so she could not smell the elephant, and the rest of the weekend passed without a problem.  To this day she hates elephants, although we do not see many now they are no longer part of circuses!!

When the Waimarino Riding Club was formed I joined and rode in several NITE Events, the first being as an Individual at Lichfield in 1990, coming forth.

The Club took part in many of the NZRC Proficiency tests and I gained Stage 3 Riding and Horse Knowledge and Horse Knowledge and Care Phase 2, and Riding and Road Safety for which I am also an Examiner.

Today I live in Waipukurau with my nearly 10 year old son and have a daughter living here with her husband and two young sons.  I have been on the NZRC Committee for several  years, edited the Riders Round-Up for two years and am now working on the Web site, which can be both enjoyable and frustrating.

I am the President of the newly formed Central Hawkes Bay Adult Riding Club and while Im not riding now it is great to get together with like minded people who love all things Horsey!!