Example only giving an idea of how to prepare a submission/proposal to your local council .Ideas for agitating for riding areas.

  1. Some hints for people who want to get access to an area of public land for horses: keep it polite and do not use emotive or derogatory language……….if you get combative, people switch off
  2. Remember: lots of people find horses (and their riders) to be intimidating and a bit scary and simply do not like big clumps of horse shit on the track where they walk or bike: do not use the “oh its good for the garden” trick; most people find it just plain smelly and off putting….its far better to say that all riders will get off their horses and kick it to the side of the track: and whether that actually happens anyway is debatable
  3. Be prepared to be in it for the long haul: gather people around you who will REALLY be there to support you
  4. BUT: the main point is: utilise the NZ Walking Commission: give them a ring: its a free phone number and take their advice and ask for their help: they are excellent. Website: https://www.walkingaccess.govt.nz/

NOTE:  it is not a fast process!! BUT DO NOT GIVE UP!!

  • Be aware of your council calling for items for their long term plans: they must do these plans and they are generally five or ten year plans
  • Submit a letter of an idea to your Council: copy of letter below:
  • Follow up if possible with an address at a council meeting: most councils have an open time at their meetings when members of the public can attend and speak to their ideas: it can be nerve wracking but worth it to put a face to an idea.
  • Approach a reporter who was at the council meeting and ask if they could came and do an article about your proposal.
  • Write to the Mayor and gently agitate for the continuing of keeping public access to Paper Roads in the District be left open for Horse Riders as well as other users.
  • Aproach the NZ Walking Commission representative for your area to come on board with your proposal: they know all the legal aspects and are extremely knowledgeable about the requirements of councils to provide pubic access for recreation. Their website: https://www.walkingaccess.govt.nz/

Letter below that can be used as a guide.





I  would like to acertain if there are any provisions within the district for HORSE RIDING PATHS/AREAS/TRACK for people to ride horses on including current walking /cycling tracks to be shared with horse riders.

I have little prior knowledge of any areas and would appreciate information on same by appointment with council to discuss the needs of equestrians

The trails are for horse riders who dont wish to always be competitive but simply go trekking over /through land away from the dangers of fast traffic etc’ There are thousands of horse riders throughout the country requesting this freedom for their horse riding.

Some suitable tracks/trails  in areas have be taken and banned for animals.

Designated /paper roads that are not fully utilised are ideal and could council make MAPS available showing these.

The likes of TECT PARK [Tauranga] REDWOOD FOREST [Rotorua are good examples of equestrian access provided and supported by councils.

I look forward to being part of future district plans and seeing some positive solutions.