Past Committee photos.

If anyone has any other past Committee photos can you please email with details to Thank you.

There are also a few people that I dont know.. If you do know them please email me with date of picture and who the person is. Thank you.

Please note: Not all the people in some of the photos shown are Committee Officers.

2005.11.6 AGM Ohakune
Back L-R ?, Evelyn Cooper, Glen Fitzgerald, Rosemary Lee Oldfield, Robyn Hodder
Front L-R Judy Williams, John Flintoff, Bev Birkett, Helen Hanson, Lisa Ross
2006 AGM Hamilton
Evelyn Cooper ? Judy Williams, John Flintoff, Bev Birkett, Robyn Hodder, Rosemary Lee-Oldfield, Cheryl Goble, Helen Hanson
2008.07.5 AGM Taupo
Back L-R Evelyn Cooper, Ann Davey, Judy Williams, Rosemary Old Field, Bev Birket, ?
Front L-R Noeline Jeffries, Cheryl Goble Helen Hanson, Donna Harley, ?
2009.06.27 AGM Carterton
Back L-R Evelyn Cooper , Ann Davey, Sheryl Goble, Robin Hennah, Colleen McGuinness, ? John Flintoff , Bev Birket , Judy Williams
Front L-R Noeline Jeffries , Jean Fitzgerald, Donna Harley
2011.06.25 AGM Wellington
Back L-R Evelyn Cooper, Jean Fitzgerald, Sheryl Goble Glenda Schumacher,Rosemary Oldfield, Bev Birket, Christine Christian, Judy Williams
Front L-R Noeline Jeffries, John Flintoff, Donna Harley, Helen Hanson
2012.04. AGM Ohakune
Back L-R Judy Williams, Donna Harley, Heather Cooper,Glenda Schumacher, Noeline Jeffries, Bev Birket, Helen Hanson Rosemary Old Field, Vicky Sidal, Evelyn Cooper
Front L-R John Moore, Andrea Parker, Christine Christian
2013.06 AGM Christchurch
Back L-R Heather Cooper, Judy Williams, Glenda Schumacher, Rosemary Oldfield, Mark Kingston-Smith , Vicky Siddal,
Front L-R Andrea Parker, Noeline Jeffries, Donna Harley, Christine Christian, Marylin, Evelyn Cooper
2014.06.21 AGM Wellington
Back L-R Vicky Siddal, Heather Cooper, Judy Williams, Christine Christian, Bev Birket, Rosemary Lee Oldfield, Noeline Jeffries, Glenda Schumacher
2015.06. AGM Queenstown
E Cooper, Bev Birket, Noeline Jefferies, Stephanie Bullock, Denise Brown, Kerry Brackstone, Barry Adams, Tracey Macdonald, Rosemary Lee-Oldfield, Vicky Siddal, Judy Williams, Christine Christian
2016 AGM Rotorua
Back L-R Heather Cooper, Rosemary Lee Oldfield, Judy Williams, Jane Berry, Christine Christian, Evelyn Cooper, Jan Mossman , Christina Asplin
Front L-R Denise Brown, Bev Birket,
2017.06.17 AGM Nelson
Back L-R Judy Williams, Jane Berry, Christine Christian, Denise Brown, Simone O’Connor, Heather Cooper,
Front L-R Noeline Jeffries, Bev Birket, Glenda Schumacher, Rosemary Lee Oldfield
2018 AGM Hastings
Back L-R Simone O’Connor, Jane Berry, Heather Cooper, Denise Brown, Roz Muir, Judy Williams, Bev Birket
Front L-R Rosemary Lee Oldfield, Christine Christian, Noeline Jeffries,
2019.06.15 AGM Christchurch
Left side Back Heather Cooper, Noeline Jeffries, Bev Birkett , Claire Norton.
Right side back Rosemary Lee Oldfield, Judy Williams, Vicky Siddall,Christine Christrian, Denise Brown